Increase power in your serve by increase mobility in the shoulder 

Create a healthy shoulder and prevent injuries!

The serve is very demanding on the shoulder especially the amount of serves that are involved in just one match! This video will help prevent injuries and increase the mobility to the shoulder by releasing the pectoralis major and minor

Linear and Lateral First Step Quickness

Take time away from your opponents! 

This drill will take you to the next level on court by increasing your speed with an explosive first step. The most important footwork in the game of tennis begins with the first step and it is crucial the athlete excels this drill to become the best player they can be. 

Increase Power in your Serve

Create a lethal weapon with your serve! 

Improve your overall game by enhancing your service game by watching this video. This video will demonstrate a drill to improve power in your serve.

Applying Power to your Groundstrokes

How can instantly increase your power on court? 

Lets face it, tennis has evolved into a power sport. Every tennis player needs to increase their power and this video will help tremednously to improve power instantly.  

Proper Sequencing of a Warm-Up

How sufficient is your warm-up before you hit the courts? 

A warm-up is extremely important before the athlete touches their racquet. This video will cover the proper order to warm-up to reduce any injury and to have the athlete at their peak within the first minute of practice.  

Sprint Training for Better Tennis


Will sprinting make you the new Usain Bolt of the tennis court?

This video will expose sprinting mechanics, variety of sprinting drills, and how to apply speed on court. Try these drills to see how enhancing your speed off the court, can give you a competitive edge on the court.

Importance of Program Design for an Athlete

Why do you need a customized training program?

Watch this video to get a better understanding of the importance of a training program before you even step foot into a gym. 

Fit4tennis instructional dvd 




Looking to improve your game? Look no further! 


Step by step instructional dvd to improve your footwork and agility on the court. From hundred of drills for each level of fitness for each of the category including first step, coordination, specific movements, explosive resistance, specific tennis footwork and agility, change of direction, and quick feet. 


Abdominal Activations for athletic performance 


Core strengthening series to improve performance

This step by step instructional video will explain in detail how to complete each of the abdominal exercises. This 15 minute video has proven to prevent injuries and enhance on-court performance by strengthening the core which will then transfer more energy into the forehand, backhand, and serve. Everything will become more functional and your body will start working as a unit to become an efficient athlete. There is a progression within the exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes and will customize an exercise prescription along with the video.