Professional Level


Professional Level


The first couple of years on the professional tour may be a grind from travelling, practicing, and organizing the next move. With this package I would be able to consult you on the go. Depending on how far you get in the tournament depends on your strength and conditioning program. That will vary in intensity along with what equipment is available during the tournament. Advising top of the line programs to sustain your longevity on the tour as well as increasing your total physical fitness will the be goal. Constant commuication is necessary during this package.  

Package consist of:

  • Strength, agility, and conditioning workouts
  • Periodized programming
  • Strength based movements include olympic lifting technique that will have video feedback on technique as well as complex lifts such as squats and deadlifts and movement patterns
  • Speed & agility programming that will teach the correct footwork and working on deceleration training 
  • Conditioning programming to focus on anaerboic and anaerobic conditioning 
  • Recovery and mobility included 

Package~ depending on how many weeks, months. Average packages go for 3 months for $375

*Upon signing up, you will be provided with a fitness analysis questionnaire. Your custom training program will be provided within 72 hours of receiving your questionnaire and fitness test results. 

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