This Winter, Stay in Shape for the Courts

As the heat from the summer dissolves to bring forth the gloomy and cold fall and winter temperatures, it can be extremely difficult to find any ounce of motivation to workout, as the days keep getting shorter and darker. Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is also one of the rainiest, which can utterly inhibit a majority of physically active tennis players from staying in their best shape during the winter months.


The key to staying in shape on the court, is finding no excuses that allow most of us hide under those baggy sweaters. Simply 30 minutes, and not a minute more, is all that is required to attain all of the health and performance benefits of exercise. With that being said, the entire 30 minutes has to be highly intense. Of course, the level of intensity differs for each person due to his or her initial fitness levels. External factors such as daily stressors, such as lack of sleep, can also affect your energy levels that can make a seemingly “easy” workout feel like your climbing Mount Everest.


The best way to measure intensity levels is using the scale of perceived exertion – using a scale of 1-10. The ultimate goal for you to reach is between 7-10 on this scale of perceived exertion by the end of 30 minutes.


Preventing the “burnout effect,” is another essential key to staying in shape this winter. This can take the form of going “too hard too soon”, hindering your ability to complete a workout. This action can also lead to becoming overly sore, which can discourage you from working-out the next day or maintaining that consistency of workouts. Another example of a burnout effect, is getting bored of the same exercises- hence the need for variety. The best solution from boredom is to find a workout activity that you love and are passionate about.


The fall and winter seasons can be dreadful in Vancouver and can be a struggle for many of us to stay motivated and in shape; it can be very unappealing to spend your early mornings to late evening at the gym, especially when it is dark and cold outside. Not to mention the time it takes to go to the gym – as summer ends we are back into our busy schedules. So here is a performance based workout that you do at home that includes both high intensity and variety. Complete this workout several times a week and you’ll be able to stay in shape on the court during these dreary winter months.


No Equipment 30 minutes at home tennis workout

 Complete this workout as a circuit with only 1 minute rest in-between each set. Complete 3-5 sets of the entire circuit. You can make it more intense by adding weights.

 Have fun and keep challenging your body for a new stimulus to continuously achieve your fitness goals!


     15 – squats

    10 - squat jumps

   10 - full range push ups

   20 - mountain climbers

  10 - each side birddogs

  10- each side step ups on a chair/stairs

   10- jump up and down a stair with two feet

     10 – straight arm plank with 3 sec/leg single leg lifts