I developed my passion and expertise in strength and conditioning while striving to improve my competitive tennis game at the age of 16. Vigorous training at a tennis academy, allowed me to receive a full athletic scholarship to Missouri State and Eastern Illinois Universities. While competing for a Division 1 school, I completed my undergrad degree in Exercise Science.

Having first hand experience being a student athlete, I began to develop tremendous passion for strength and conditioning and acknowledged that I wanted to pursue a career in this field. I completed an internship at Arizona State University, as well as Simon Fraser University in Strength and Conditioning. In my pursuit of knowledge, I then competed my Master's in Human Kinetics at University of British Columbia specializing in the study of elite athletes. These experiences gave me an astounding opportunity to work with various athletes from the professional level such as NFL, NBA, ATP, WTA, MMA, MLS, and CFL.

Given my unique perspective as a tennis player, I’ve decided to specialize as a strength and conditioning coach to help other players achieve their goals. Working for the prestigious Weil Tennis Academy in California, has given me the opportunity to work with elite tennis athletes. Following specializing in tennis players, I worked as an Assistant Strength in Conditioning Coach for all varsity sports for York University in Toronto. Currently I am a Registered Massage therapist along as a Medical Acupuncture Provider.

I am confident that with my experience and knowledge base, I can advance any tennis player to reach their fullest potential, on and off the court.